Harborx App Activation


Getting started with Harborx app

  1. Download: Search App Store / Play Store for Harborx and download on your mobile.
  2. Open: Tap on the icon on your mobile to open the application.
  3. Activate: When you open the application for the first time, you will be presented with the Sign Up screen where you can register with your email or Facebook


Once registered, you will be given a TRIAL Account to practice trading

Your Trial account is available for 90 days and will be automatically funded with a virtual USD 1,000, which you can use to practice trading:

  • Press Continue to upgrade your account to LIVE and start trading with real funds
  • Tap on the exit (x) icon on the top left to exit this page and start using your TRIAL Account
  • You will not be included or be able to see your ranking on the Leaderboard if you are trading on a TRIAL Account
harborx app

B. Upgrade to a LIVE ACCOUNT

  • Tap CONTINUE to proceed with your LIVE registration
  • Input your Personal Information and SUBMIT to complete your registration
harborx app

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