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Your trading performance will be shown on the Leaderboard only if you are trading on a LIVE Account.

The Leaderboard compares your weekly trading performance relative to other traders on Harborx App. The top 3 trades will be receiving a free bonus amount on a weekly basis. The bonus amount is automatically added to the winners’ Live Accounts by the end of each week (Sunday 20:00 UTC)

harborx app
  • Tap on the Info icon to find more details about the Leaderboard and how it works.
  • Tap See All to check the top 3 and all other users on Leaderboard as well as your current ranking among other users.
  • Global – see all Harborx users on the Leaderboard
  • Friends – Connect with Facebook to connect with all your Facebook friends on the Leaderboard
  • Win free credit every week (Countdown) – the time left until the weekly competition will end and the top 3 ranked traders will win their free bonusesharborx app


    are trading positions recommended by Harborx Star Traders

  • Tap on a card from Recommendations section if you wish to FOLLOW the trade
  • Invest 37$ – The amount necessary to follow that recommendation
  • Get 95% (35$) – The possible profit percentage (amount) that you can reach if your recommendation reaches the Take Profit rate set by the Star Trader

    Your recommendation may close before reaching this profit percentage (amount) if:

  • The Star Trader has manually closed the recommendation before reaching the Take Profit rate (for security reasons).
  • The Star Trader has modified the Take Profit rate; therefore your recommendation will not have the same profit percentage/amount as shown when you initially followed. harborx app


  • Favorite Pairs are most traded currency pairs.
  • Got Promo Code? – Tap to enter your promo or referral code to automatically receive your free trading credits


This section highlights the Star Traders with most successful trades for the week

  • Win Ratio 48% – The percentage of the Star Trader’s profitable closed trades divided by the total number of his closed trades
  • Trades Won 44 – the total number of successful trades placed by the Star Trader.

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