Navigating Your Live Account

Get to Know Your Live Account

Personalize your Live account by uploading your profile pic. Tap on your profile image to upload/change your photo and/or name:

  • Leaderboard – shows your current ranking among other Harborx users on the leaderboard
  • Trading Score – The accumulated points your currently have according to your profit percentage. Tap on it to see your current ranking on the Leaderboard list.harborx app

    Your Trading Score will increase or decrease according to your profit percentage and they will reset back to 1000 every Sunday (20:00 UTC).

    Under Account Overview you will see your Balance, Equity and your open Profit and Loss

    Invite Friends – Tap on it to copy your unique referral code and share it with your friends on SMS, WhatsApp or Social media. You can send your referral code to maximum 100 friends

    Promo Codes – Tap to enter the referral code received from your friend and automatically receive the free trading credits. Here you can also input promotional codes received from Harborx. The promotional codes will be given by Harborx from time to time in order to reward clients for their loyalty.

    Achievements – Tap to check how many friends you have referred and what’s your accumulated referral bonus amountThere are 2 Achievements you can complete:

  • Referring 100 friends and getting USD 1000 trading credits in reward
  • Entering a Promotional Code received from Harborx to receive your free bonusTrade History – Tap to check the history of all your closed trades.Deposit – Tap to add funds to your Accountharborx app 
  •  Tap on any amount you wish to deposit or select ‘Enter other amount’ to input your desired amount
  • You will then be prompted to enter your payment details
  • Tap on the arrows icon to select your desired payment method.
  • Enter your Payment details, re-check your deposit amount, and press the button Deposit to submit
  • Once done, funds will reflect in your Account Balance immediately.


  • Enter your Withdrawal amount and press SUBMIT
  • The Minimum Withdrawal amount – USD 50.
  • For withdrawals below USD 50, you need to contact Harborx Support team

harborx app


  • ROI – The percentage of your return on investment.
  • Pips – The accumulated profits/losses in pips.
  • Margin Used – The total USD amount that you have invested in your current open positions.
  • Available Funds – The amount available for new trades; also known as free margin.
  • Win Ratio – The percentage of your profitable closed trades divided by the total number of your closed trades.
  • Trading Power – Available Funds divided by Equity. It is the percentage of your equity available for trading. We will close out your open positions if the trading power drops below 0%
  • Trades – The total number of your closed trades.
  • Lots – The total amount of your closed positions in lots.
 harborx app

Live Chat – Tap to chat with our 24/7 available Live Chat Agents

Settings – Tap to check all legal documentation of Harborx, to LOG OUT from your Account, check our Blog page and find our Contact us details page


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