The RATES Page

The RATES page is the gateway to placing your own trades.  Here’s how:

  • To open an individual trade, select the Rates section and tap on the buy or sell flashing prices for your desired instrument
  • Tap on the search icon if you want to search for a specific trading instrument and add it to your Instruments List.

As you have selected to buy or sell an Instrument pair, you will be prompted to your trade’s Details page.

  • Market – open your trade at the current market (buy/sell) price.
  • Pending – Open trade at your desired market price (the price you set cannot be less than 10 pips away from the current market price). Your trade will open when the market reaches the exact price you set your trade for.
  • Quantity Lot – the volume at which you want to open your trade (tap on it to change your opening volume – lot).
  • Tap on More Options to check or set your Stop Loss / Take Profit rates.
  • Add/Remove the Stop Loss and/or Take Profit by ticking each option.
  • Tap +/ – to increase/decrease your Take Profit /Stop Loss.
  • Tap BUY to confirm your trade.

    To open a trade at your desired price (Pending Order), you must enter:

  1. Your desired Entry Price
  2. The Quantity  (lot) for your trade
  3. Your desired Stop Loss and Take Profit rates
  4. Expiry date and time
  5. Tap BUY to confirm your trade.
Your trade has been submitted! Press OK to exit this page.

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