Navigating Your Trades

To check your open/pending positions and/or recommendations you have followed, go back to dashboard and select Trades.

harborx app 
  • My Rank – Your current position on the Leaderboard
  • 1375 – Your current accumulated points. Your points decrease or increase according to your percentage profit for the week and they will reset back to 1000 on Sunday evening.
  • P&L – Your current profit and loss
  • Market – Your Market orders
  • Pending – Your pending orders
  • Closing and Modifying Trades / Recommendations:
  • Tap on a trade you wish to close or modify.
  • Close Trade – close the trade you selected
  • Modify – Tap to modify or completely remove your Stop Loss/Take Profit.
  • Chart – see the trading chart for your position.
  • Tap +/ – to increase/decrease your Take Profit/Stop Loss rates.
  • Tap on the arrow symbols to remove your Take Profit/ Stop Loss
  • Tap SUBMIT to confirm your modifications.

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